To file a Declaration of Intent to minor in DBME, students must be enrolled in or plan to take in the next two semesters ECON 1110 or a comparable course in microeconomics with a passing grade. AP credit or transfer credit is acceptable if the course is listed on the applicant’s college transcript. A special committee must approve transfer credit. Students can find a list of pre-approved courses here. Taking the prerequisite course S/U is permitted.

Declaration of Intent to Minor

Students may complete a Declaration of Intent to minor in the Dyson Business Minor for Engineers (DBME) starting in their freshmen year and must declare their intent to minor by the end of their sixth semester to qualify. The declaration is intended to signal the interest and INTENT of a College of Engineering student to pursue the DBME offered in the Dyson School of Applied Economics and Management. The declaration can be filed BEFORE the prerequisite course in microeconomics is completed as long as the applicant plans to take the course within the next two semesters. Once the declaration of INTENT is registered in the DBME database, students receive notification and are officially considered part of the program. Students declaring the INTENT to minor benefit in a variety of ways:

  • Have preference in the AEM courses that are offered in the minor as long as they follow the rules of pre-enrollment.
  • Receive invitations to special extracurricular events related to business and engineering.
  • Have access to advice and guidance on the minor.
  • Learn about new offerings and/or new optional courses.

How to Declare and Complete the Minor

  1. Review. Review the tables below in order to better understand the minor. We also suggest visiting for more information to get started.
  2. Plan. Plan a course of study to complete the minor requirements.
  3. Apply. Complete the online Declaration of Intent by the end of junior year.
  4. Certify. Certify completion of the business minor with an application by February 1st of senior year.